Judging Books by their Covers

The Looking Glass HouseBeautiful Books

I am a sucker for a beautiful book. I cannot lie to you, I tend to pick up books because of their cover rather than the blurb. I know, I know I have probably missed out on several fantastic books because their covers aren’t beautiful enough but I just cannot help myself.

In this new series of book posts I am going to share with you my beautiful books. Here is the first two of my recent purchases (the second beautiful book will come at a later date). I bought them because I was poorly sick. I have Ulcerative Colitis and therefore my weakened immune system likes to kick me in the backside every so often. In this particular case I had a chest infection that knocked me for six and since no one was sending me the things I felt would make me feel better (tea, chocolate, biscuits, a hotwater bottle shaped like a giraffe or frog and a basket of kittens) I decided to cheer myself up by buying some pretty books.

The first is The Looking Glass House by Vanessa Tait. Whilst it was the cover that caught my eye I TLGH EPhave to admit that the story sounds pretty fascinating. It is a story based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but it focuses on what happened before Alice fell down the rabbit hole. The writer, Vanessa Tait is a direct descendant (great granddaughter) of Alice Liddell on whom the original Lewis Carroll books were based. I know you are intrigued.

The covers are absolutely gorgeous. It is hardback and the front cover design seems to have almost been ingrained so it has a lovely texture to it. It also have lovely red foil embossing on it. Yes, I am very much loving this cover. It reminds me of the cover of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (which if you haven’t read then you really should because it is wonderful). The end pages and spine are also very beautiful.

The Looking Glass House was published by Corvus in 2015 and is 297 pages long and yes I cannot wait to read it.

TLGH FABI bought this book from Southcart Books – an independent bookshop in Walsall. I purchased it via their eBay story. For more details then please visit owner Scott Southey (@southcartbooks) via Twitter.

Follow Vanessa Tait (@vanessa_tait) via Twitter or on her website www.vanessatait.co.uk

Follow Corvus (@CorvusBooks) via Twitter or visit the Corvus website www.corvus-books.co.uk


6 thoughts on “Judging Books by their Covers

  1. Chris White says:

    Great post. Like you, I adore book covers. I also like pop-up books etc.
    One of my favourites is a book called the Jolly Postman by Alan Alberg. All the best. Kris.

    • ljbentley27 says:

      Oh I loved that book as a child. I’ve already bought a copy for my niece….she’s one so I’m gonna have to wait a few years to give her that book to read 🙂 x x

  2. A Book and Two Cups of Tea says:

    I love book covers and I do judge a book by it’s cover if I don’t know the author or blurb. This book’s cover has the same feel as The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, for a second there I thought it was a new book by her. But this one does sound interesting.

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