I Don’t Like New Year!

New YearOk, so that was a pretty negative start to a blog post but hear me out. I really, really dislike New Years. I have my reasons, of which there are plenty but before I go into them let me tell you that I have had a few good New Year’s Eves and I actually don’t mind New Years Day. However, it is the whole event that is just boring.

As I have said, I have had some good times. I spent the Millennium New Year; I spent the whole night at my Auntie Susan’s house. I wasn’t too sure where I stood on the whole Y2K thing but I didn’t want to risk it for a biscuit so I decided that whilst the party was raging around me I sat in a corner with my book. I was reading The Beach by Alex Garland and I needed to know how it ended. I finished the book; for me, this was a successful New Year.

I spend one New Year in Disneyland Paris. I went with my friends Alison and Craig. It was great but very cold.

Last year was a really good New Year. My boyfriend and I spent New Year in London. We decided to watch the fireworks but not directly on the South Bank because neither of us likes crowds. What we actual saw was the HMS Belfast and a considerably dark sky.

It was still good though. The next day, we went to The Tate Modern, saw The Globe and saw the flat that Bridget Jones supposedly lived in (I was amazed by this, the boyfriend…not so much).

So after having a fair few good celebrations why do I hate this holiday so much? It is because there are no presents. That makes me sound very materialistic but think about it. Every other holiday you get presents:

Valentine’s Day: flowers, sweets, cuddly toys

Easter: chocolate eggs, bunnies, little chicks

Birthdays: presents, cakes, cards

Halloween: sweets, costumes

Christmas: presents, turkey, chocolate

But what do you get on New Year’s Day? A big fat nothing. Oh, if you are lucky, you don’t have a hangover. It is so anti-climactic. Nothing happens.

This is why I dislike (coughs – hates – coughs) New Year.

The one good thing about it being a new year is that we get to start a new diary.

So people, I bid you all a fantastic 2016 and I hope that your New Year wasn’t under-whelming. Let us just hope you are whelmed enough.

L x



7 thoughts on “I Don’t Like New Year!

  1. Traci-Ann says:

    I hate new year too for exactly the same reason! Lol! This year I was asleep in my cozy pjs…a success mes thinks! 🙂

    • ljbentley27 says:

      Me too! PJs, a cup of tea, my book. I was supposed to be spending it with the boyfriend again but we do the long distance thing and the trains were horrendous. Boo hiss! x x

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