My Weekly TBR Pile: 24.11.14 – 30.11.14

Hello lovely character in my book of life,

How art thou? Goodeth I hopeth. Sorry, I have been assisting with the learning of The Bard this week and well who doesn’t love a bit of ye olde English?

Anywho, it has been an ok week of reading. I got through some good books. Here is what I managed to read:

A Place for Us Part Four by Harriet Evans

Not that Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Zoey and the Nice Guy by Carter Ashby

In Bloom by Matthew Crow (Review to be posted 25.11.14)

I am currently in the middle of Waiting for Doggo so that should be finished and reviewed for next week. There is only one book that I am due to review this week so any other books that I manage to read and review will be a bonus. The book I have to review is:

The Shape of my Heart by Ann Aguirre

I have been a bit naughty this week when it comes to books. I bought two off Amazon and I did technically buy several from charity shops this week. My argument is that I am technically saving lives….in a roundabout way. I got some fantastic bargains though.

Anyway lovely folks, I hope you enjoy your week.

L x


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