My Weekly TBR Pile: 13.10.14 – 19.10.14

Oh dear. It appears I have been in a bit of a reading vacuum this week. Even though I have been reading loads I don’t appear to have finished many books. A mere two reviews were posted this week. I hang my head in shame.

The books I managed to review were:

A Christmas to Remember by Jenny Hale

Confessions of a City Girl: Los Angeles by Juliette Sobanet

What makes it worse is that the review for Confessions of a City Girl: Los Angeles was actually written last week but held back for Short Story Saturday. Poor show on my half here.

I can only put this down to the fact that I have been reading several books at the one time. Like I said in last weeks’ TBR post I am still reading a book on Crohns and Colitis and Us by David Nicholls (which I intend to finish this week).

Upcoming reviews include (and at this point are limited to) a review of Fat Chance by Nicholas Spalding which will be posted on Tuesday.

I’ve added Zenith Hotel to my Currently Reading list. It kills two birds with one book. It is part of my 100 Book Challenge and it is short enough to be my Short Story Saturday book for review. Oh yes, my As Level Business Studies is rearing its ugly head – economy of time!

Fortunately for me, I have a quiet review week with only two books that are due for review this week. Ok, I am aware that I have an intense backlog, don’t yell. The two books that I am hoping to review this week are:

Say it with Sequins by Georgia Hill

Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake by Sue Watson

The Sue Watson book will also complete my Christmas book requirement – huzzah!

I am also going to try and throw in a book by Ali McNamara book in the mix – We will see though!

Hope you all have a good book week.

L x


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