My Weekly TBR Pile: 01.09.14 – 07.09.14

Ok. So I know I have recently done my big round up but now it is time for my weekly TBR list. As I said on the round up I am back in work this week and my granddaddy is coming to visit so my reading time is going to be severely hindered this week. However, I will try and get as much done as possible.

Here is the list of books I am going to aim to read this week:

Chelsea Bird by Virginia Ironside – 119 pages (NetGalley)

The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs by Greil Marcus – 320 pages (NetGalley)

Walt Before Mickey by Timothy S Susanin – 373 pages (NetGalley)

These Days Are Ours by Michelle Haimoff – 291 pages (NetGalley)

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green 259 pages (Personal Reading List)

Only a brief post today but I hope you all have a great reading week.

L x


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