Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins


Lola has a good life; great parents, great friends, a quirky sense of style and a hot boyfriend who is in a rock band. Things couldn’t be better. However, when her old neighbours move back into the house next door the very foundations of Lola’s happiness start to crumble around her. Especially when she lays her eyes on Cricket Bell – two years older and two years more beautiful but the ache of heartbreak has only got two years more painful for Lola. How will Lola cope with the boy next door?


Stephanie Perkins has only gone and done it again. She has made me fall in love for another of her leading men. Before we get into all of that let me just say that I enjoyed Lola and the Boy Next Door just as much as I liked Anna and the French Kiss and it is no wonder that Stephanie Perkins is at the forefront, leading the way, nay trailblazing the way for YA Romantic Fiction. I genuinely believe in her stories and feel wholeheartedly for her characters that it would be an easy assumption to make that Perkins still remembers the absolute agony of being a teenager in love. This is a quality that we all should try to remember as we grow older but sadly sometimes forget or trivialise.

Lola and the Boy Next Door broke my heart in a different way to Anna and the French Kiss because for Lola, her love for Cricket had been once that had grown, seemingly unrequited, for years. You couldn’t help but ache for her and you could feel just how much Cricket loved her too. Frustratingly they just couldn’t seem to get it together. It is this torturous narrative that makes the story so great. You desperately want to see them admit their feelings, to hug it out, to kiss and to be in love but it takes a whole story to get there.

It is safe to say that Stephanie Perkins has her finger on the beating pulse of every girls’ romantic dreams. Her characters are believable and are easy to fall in love with – especially the male protagonists. She has a magic to her writing that, for me, is unrivalled.

I cannot wait to read Isla and the Happily Ever After.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins is available now.

lola and the french kiss


7 thoughts on “Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

  1. S.R. McKade says:

    Great review. I really need to get around to reading this book. Stephanie Perkins’ books are on my TBR list but haven’t read them yet.

    • ljbentley27 says:

      I was the same. They had sat there on my kindle for months but I just didn’t have any reason to read them. So with the release of Isla I thought I would just go for it. I’m glad I did. They are top notch YA romantic fiction. I’m going to start Isla this week. Are you reading anything good at the moment? x

      • S.R. McKade says:

        Hey, me too same situation – the books are on my Kindle 🙂
        Yep I’m reading 2-3 books:
        – Parker Blue’s 2nd book in the Demon Underground series – Try Me (YA) – it’s quite good and again was on my TBR list. What is about TBR lists that they keep getting longer? 😉
        – What the moon said (Middle Grade)
        – Sabrina The Teenage Witch – Know-It-All

      • ljbentley27 says:

        You see I just need all authors to pause writing and releasing books for like a year and let me get caught up with at least a good chunk of the books on my Kindle. I still have my multiple bookshelves to go through. It is a hard life being a reader 🙂 x

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